Pale Alice Blue Color Throw Pillow

$24.99 $17.99

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Alice blue throw pillows come in 6 various sizes, ranging from 16 inches square up to 36 inches square, with all five of the smaller sizes up to 26 x 26 available as simply the Alice blue cushion cover, or also with its corresponding pillow insert.

Alice blue phone cases, skins and wallets come in a variety of iPhone and Samsung cell phone models. Both tough and snap cases are available in alice Blue.

Alice blue is also available on apparel such as women’s clothing, accessories, such as tote bags and home decor items like clocks and wall tapestries.

Sizing Information

Size Perfect for Insert available
Throw Pillow 16 x 16 inch Couch, Bed
Throw Pillow 18 x 18 inch Couch, Bed
Throw Pillow 20 x 20 inch Couch, Bed
Throw Pillow 24 x 24 inch Couch, Bed, Floor
Throw Pillow 26 x 26 inch Couch, Bed, Floor
Floor Pillow 36 x 36 inch Floor Cover only
Note: Some designs are not available in all sizes.

We recommend using inserts/fills that are bigger than the covers to ensure a plump finish